Monthly Archives: July 2012

First, let me say this: Just because the Saints D sucks, does not mean they didn’t TRY to injure other players, it just means they were unsuccessful.

All the Saints Management accepted and admitted the Bounty/Pay for Performance Program existed, and even the owner instigated an investigation into the program.

We have the damning tape of Coach Williams, who admits he crossed the line. We have a disgruntled employee who blew the whistle because he got a fake ring (even girls in the billing office and those who simply answer the phones got a real ring).

So now, Vilma says he risks losing his health because he cannot associate with his Dr’s and trainers (the SAME people he says he disobeyed by playing in games).

He trusted them SO LITTLE then, yet these men are the ONLY ONES he trusts now??

Give me a break, and shut the hell up, JV. You’re giving REAL football players a bad name.