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Mike Tice, new OC for the Bears, is having a few sleepless nights over his O-line.

What I can’t figure out is why. I mean, he had to have seen them play last year, right?  Does he not know how to do the math? Cutler was sacked over FIFTY TIMES! and only 1/3 of those sacks came on a 7 step drop. Cutler was sacked over TWENTY SEVEN TIMES on 3 and 5 step drops.

And yet, the Bears chose to stand pat at the O-line position, not bringing in any big names, nor drafting for need.

Now they expect to contend in the NFC North? Against the Vikes and Jared Allen? The Lions and their top 5 D-line? Even the Pack, who have no defense beat the Bears twice last year, and I don’t see that ending anytime soon.

Do you?



As if the NFL Worst defense was actually up to the task of stopping the Giants.

“We picked the most inopportune time to play our worst ball,” He said.  

Yeah, and so did Custer at Little Big Horn. Next?

“The fact is, [the Giants] didn’t beat us; we beat ourselves.  We need to play our best ball when it counts.”

Did you hear that? When it counts. Because all those silly regular season games don’t mean a darned thing.

Honorable Mention goes to Charles Woodson. He came up with this beauty:

“Regardless of what happened in the first half, nobody thought we would lose that game. With what our offense had done that season, I think we had, especially defensively, a false sense of security about what they were gonna do.

“Maybe we should have panicked.  But we didn’t.  We just felt like, ‘Hey, at the end of the day, the offense will put up enough points, we’ll win the game and move on.’  That was probably to our detriment.”

There is more drama in the NFL than at a church social during wedding season. Time to shut it, man up and PLAY FOOTBALL!